Georgia on my mind

The smell of ripe, sweet peaches has consumed our home over the last few days.  Boy they smell good!   I know this winter finding a fresh, sweet, ripe peach will be practically impossible.  Unless, I go to Georgia, which doesn’t  sound like a bad idea.  Sometimes I think I was reincarnated and my first life was lived in the South. 

Particularly in the cold winter months  I long for the warm weather and the southern hospitality, among all the other things the South has to offer.   I don’t get to there as often as I’d like so I have to find other ways to rekindle the South in my mind.  Sometimes it’s by leafing through Southern Living magazine, or in this case, it’s by making homemade peach jam to enjoy when it’s cold and blustery here at home and I’m wishing I was there.


9 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind

  1. I love the smell of any jam cooking. The aroma of the fruit just makes me happy. I bought peaches for a pie, but now I’m thinking maybe I’ll just cook up a small batch of jam.

  2. Those jars look delectable. Love the color. Being a Yankee in the South, I have to admit – folks here are so ridiculously nice, it took me a while to realize they were ACTUALLY nice.

  3. I’m with you there. The South really has a charm and feeling all its own. Even though I live in Texas, I think that counts more as Southwest. I love getting to visit family in Louisiana–there’s just a different atmosphere there! And your mentioning “Southern Living” really makes me wish I had a copy to page through. They’ve got the greatest recipes!


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