Canning, Photography and Wine…

Ready to can peaches


I have canned a few things over the years.  Most of my canning was done when my mom was around.  She tried to teach me the art of canning, and I’m glad she did.  When a friend offered us a box of fresh, homegrown peaches I eagerly accepted.  For the last few years I’ve had the urge to can peaches and put them away for the cold winter months we have here in upstate New York but never got around to it.   

Saturday morning was the day.  Armed with all of my ingredients, a few cookbooks for comparison, and lot’s of time I set out to do some canning.  

Now, the other part of this adventure involved using my new camera.  I love to blog, and one of the areas where I think my blogging could use a little improvement is my photos.  If you seriously stop and think about taking a good photo, not just snapping the button, there are a lot of factors to consider.  Lighting, background, shadows, blurs, angles, etc.  I swear sometimes it takes me as long to take a good photo as it does to prepare my recipe.   

To assist me in that area I bought a new camera a few weeks ago.  My old one was a Kodak digital (over ten years old), my new one is a Sony Cyber-shot.  It’s a point and shoot with a lot of options to choose from including manual operation (to a certain degree).  I have spent countless hours exploring the features, and practicing with this thing.  I’m still not comfortable with it, but then again I’m not always the most patient person.  

To make a very long story short, the peaches canned beautifully except next time I need to pack the jars more fully to avoid air space.  I have enough jars to put away for those cold anticipated days I mentioned earlier – yea!  The photo’s – well here they are too.  Each picture was challenging.  The biggest challenge was the lighting issue.  It took some work to get a true color representation of the peaches, jars, wine and bottle.   

Jars of canned peaches


Cropped image


Peaches galore!


Americana Vineyards Crystal Lake

Oh, you’re probably wondering what the wine has to do with canning peaches.  It was a reward for a very productive day in the kitchen, and working with the camera.  

18 thoughts on “Canning, Photography and Wine…

  1. Envious of those who can. I am terrified of killing someone and do my preserves the freezer way. I am a point and shoot camera person – but I agree photography goes a long way to enhancing a food blog. Mine needs work. Yours looks splendid. And wine? A perfect reward!

    1. Yea!! I’m glad I inspired you. It seems like work at first, but you will feel a great sense of accomplishment when you are done and you are able to see those pretty jars filled full of great foods to enjoy later. Good luck!

    1. I usually get a couple of my favorite cookbooks out and compare recipes for canning before I start. Then I have a sense of where I want to go with it. Try it and let me know how it goes!

  2. We are canning for the first time in our house this year. We’ve done sweet and dill pickles, lemon preserves and peach preserves.
    The consistency of the peach preserves turned out runny. Do you have any tips to avoid the ‘runniness’?
    The photos are great!

  3. Those peaches turned out so nicely. I love the satisfaction of seeing rows of beautiful canned foods on the shelves of my pantry. This has been a big week of canning peaches at my house, too.


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