What to make?


What to make? Now, that’s a good question!  Any ideas?


7 thoughts on “What to make?

  1. So many choices… As it turns out, they were so fragrant and ripe, we ate them fresh. I stopped to buy more today and they are waiting a day or two to harvest. And, as you say Kristen, the fun begins. Thanks Molly for your vote for syrup – a great idea!

  2. We just harvested our peach tree this morning. We have 4 boxes of peaches in my kitchen, ripening a bit more before the fun starts. I am thinking peach syrup for pancakes. Maybe some pickled peaches. How many do you have? Maybe some peach muffins? peach bread?peach kuchen? peach salsa?peach preserves? peach fruit leather?

  3. first split them in half take out the pit and grill some of those beauties….the skin will peel right off when you grill that side a while! Then there is always peach ice cream or a peach custard pie, you could even throw in a few blueberries!


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