Meet Goldie


When my husband told me he was getting 14 chickens to raise this last spring I thought he might have fallen off his rocker (as they say).  My response went something like this –  “14 chickens!  Why do we need 14 chickens?”    

Well, I have to say this has been an enjoyable learning experience.  Chickens, as I’ve found, are quite social and curious.    Aside from one of the hens disappearing in the middle of the night, we are graced with 5 roosters and 8 hens.  Two hens have started laying fresh, brown eggs, which I’m finding I can’t use fast enough.  The chickens amaze me because they roost when it gets dusk, and crow when it starts to get light, proving they are equipped with an internal alarm clock.      

The chickens are actually more like pets than farm animals, greeting us when we arrive home, crowing at us when they hear our voices, and following us around the yard like the dog does.  


15 thoughts on “Meet Goldie

  1. Love the chickens!
    I just ordered 25 more -5 are blue silkies-so very fluffy!
    I think I have an addiction because just when I think I have enough chickens I find myself calling the hatchery and ordering more.

    1. Kristen – we are getting about two eggs a day. Two hens laying, and six more should start anytime now. That means eight eggs a day! You’re right about the quiche and custards!

  2. I have a ridiculous bird phobia. When I was younger, my parents thought it was wise to get me some chicks in hopes of beating the phobia. Bad plan. The phobia lives on. But I’d love some fresh brown eggs 🙂

  3. I’m glad you can share in the fun by watching your neighbors chickens. Our neighbors do the same. I honestly never expected them to be so enjoyable. I’m glad we got them. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Our neighbors across the street got 6 chickens and they have been so fun to watch. They are just adorable and they are so social, they just cluster around each other and want to be where the people are. I looked at your pasta salad too. I just made and posted a bow tie pasta salad this week too. I don’t think I have done that before. I just love the shape. Have a wonderful Saturday.


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