Thank God I’m a country girl!

When you live in the country you get the benefit of having a farmers’ market nearby (almost everyday).  It’s not uncommon to find roadside stands throughout the rural areas offering fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, jellies, honey, apple cider, maple syrup, and fresh-baked goods. 

This old farm wagon has served as our local produce section for quite sometime.  It’s here, that I have bought some of the best sweet corn, apples, peaches, and berries in my area. 

Last week these cherries were calling my name.  As we pulled off the highway we found another couple sampling them.  My first question “Are they sweet?”  They told me they were, and they were particularly happy with the black cherries.  I too am partial to black cherries so I bought a quart as I intended to ( at a very reasonable  price $3.00 a quart). 

The cherries are delicious, and we’ve been snacking healthy all week.  I can’t wait to see what makes its way to the wagon next.



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