A pastry chef – I’m not. But hey, it sure tasted good.

I envy you bakers that throw together a pie crust like there’s nothing to it.  I’ve seen your crusts –  no flaws, perfect thickness, and edges.  That’s what I classify as a true form of art.  

I, on the other hand, wrestle with pie crusts every time I make them.  I realize my difficulty comes from how infrequently I make pies, and quite possibly my lack of patience. 

This weekend was no exception.  I decided to whip up a Strawberry Glace’ Pie.  I made the  pie crust, and as usual, became frustrated as I struggled to get the dough to form a nice round circle to fit in my pie plate.  Once the crust landed in the pie plate I had to refrain from using bad words as I realized it didn’t fit in the plate evenly, and would need some serious patching.

I had to remind myself I was  just going to eat this pie and I wasn’t looking to win a blue ribbon at the county fair. Everything would be all right… 

As the crust  baked I concentrated on making the filling.

Once the crust  and filling were ready I poured the filling into the crust.  From this perspective things looked so much better.

With all that said, here is what made it all worth the aggravation.

And regardless that the crust wasn’t perfect, it sure tasted good!


6 thoughts on “A pastry chef – I’m not. But hey, it sure tasted good.

  1. Try adding vodka to your crust recipe which will increase its flexibility while handling and can be rolled easily. The vodka does not form gluten, so your crust stays flaky and delicate. If the recipe calls for 2-3 tablespoons of ice water, mix in that same amount of vodka to your water, then proceed to add it as directed. Also, use equal parts of butter and shortening for flavor and flakiness.

  2. I definitly understand your frustration sometimes I just wonder what I did wrong, but I think your pie looks yummy! Who cares about visual imperfections it’s the taste that counts right 🙂

  3. I think taste is all that matters too! I made a pie yesterday and was dead seat on photographing just one slice of it, but I couldn’t serve just one slice neatly so that it looked like a pie and not a cobbler! Such is life I suppose 🙂 I think you have a great blog here regardless.

    1. You have a pretty nice blog yourself. Your pie looks so much nicer than mine – I’d probably hurt myself making that lattice – lol… You’re right – taste is really is most important. Thanks!


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