Jam Fest

Strawberry Freezer Jam


When I was a little girl my mother would make homemade strawberry freezer jam every year.  She made it after she would take us to pick locally grown berries.  I remember it was nearly impossible for her to make enough jam to get us from one June to the next without running out.  The more she made, the more we ate.  Some days, in desperation (if we had run out of jam and she forgot to take more out of the freezer) we would take it out of the freezer and proceed to spread it on our morning toast.   

My mother has since passed away but I will not let her strawberry jam legacy die.   Every June, I too prepare for the annual jam fest.  Last night I pooled all of our fresh grown strawberries together (that I had temporarily put in the freezer)  to see if I had enough to make a batch of jam.   Luckily, I had plenty of berries to make my first batch of jam, and the good news is there are enough for another batch.   

As I was making the jam my hubby noted how much sugar goes into it.  He’s right.  2 cups of crushed berries to 4 cups of granulated sugar.  That is a lot of sugar, and probably explains the reason I’m so attached to this sweet little confection.   

In memory of mom – jam fest 2010!  



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