Time to get organized

It’s been a busy week/weekend.  I am ashamed to admit I haven’t had time to bake a single thing, and my postings have been scarce to say the least.  I even cheated and bought Chips Ahoy cookies at the grocery store this week.  I did so in an effort to satisfy my (lazy) sweet tooth.   

One thing I decided to do in the near future is organize my recipe cards.  I am guilty of throwing my recipes in a fairly large box and spending quite some time searching through the mess to find the one  I’m looking for.  

While shopping yesterday I think I found the perfect solution.  A sleeve that holds two recipe books.  The object is to write on the blank recipe cards that are provided in each book, label them, and tidy things up a bit.   Now I just have to find time to write out each card!  

Wish me luck!  

Recipe box now


Organized recipe box (I hope)




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