Pound Cake

Yesterday I decided to make a pound cake from scratch.  I followed a recipe in a cookbook I have that claimed the recipe was over 100 years old.  The cake called for the typical ingredients with the exception of 1 tsp of vanilla extract, and 1 tsp of lemon extract.  It didn’t call for baking soda, just baking powder. 

I made the cake per the recipe, poured the batter into a loaf pan, and baked it for an hour at the recommended temperature of 325 degrees.  I have to say it took a lot longer than an hour to bake completely.  In the meantime I ran into the problem of the outside baking too fast.  When it came out of the oven I was leery.  I let it cool and when it came time to cut it I realized the outside was too brown for my liking.  So, I cut the crust off and sliced the cake.  It was DELICIOUS!  Let me say it again – DELICIOUS.  After slicing it I cubed the slices and layered it with fresh-cut strawberries in a glass bowl.  When I served it I let everyone put their own whipped cream on top. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because it got eaten so fast there wasn’t time.  If I make it again I may try to cover it with aluminum foil to prevent the outside from browning like it did.  But this is definitely a make again cake!


Berry Good – I hope

This weekend was a busy one.  Mowing, trimming, mulching, planting, painting, baking, and entertaining.  And somehow, aside from all the work, it was relaxing.  We even managed to find time to fit a couple of movies in too.  If every day could feel as productive, yet as relaxing as this weekend was, I’d be happy.  

I really enjoy the simple things in life and there is something that feels great when you can accomplish tasks without feeling the stress of having to do so.  I took a few minutes today to look at our strawberry, red raspberry, and blueberry plants.  They are looking fine…  I hope they produce large quantities of big, ripe, delicious berries.  And, hopefully we can harvest them before the deer, rabbits and birds beat us to it. 

Strawberry Plant
Red Raspberry Plant
Blueberry Bush