Thinking and Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

I got to thinking today.  Does anyone read my posts?  I write, share, and wait…  No comments – good or bad.  Maybe I’m wasting my time.  Maybe I’m not.  I feel like Julie in the movie Julie & Julia.  Waiting patiently, and sometimes not so patiently, for that first comment to be posted.      

I guess it doesn’t matter.  This is more like a journal to myself.  Talking about things that would probably bore most of the people I talk to on a daily basis  to death…      

Tonight I made one of my favorite casseroles for dinner.  Chicken Alfredo Lasagna.   Here is a photo essay of  the making of it.      

Chunks of chicken cooking in olive oil & fresh garlic


Diced red onion, green bell pepper and fresh garlic


Mozzarella, feta cheese, cooked chicken & diced veggies


All baked and ready to eat!


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