Lemon Meringue Pie



The day before Easter this year, I needed a little baking therapy.  Not to mention I needed an Easter dinner dessert.  So, to kill two birds with one stone I picked out something a little more challenging.  I’ve made a lot of pies, but never made a lemon meringue pie – probably because I wasn’t a very big fan of them.  But now, something has changed and I like lemon pie.   After searching for a recipe I settled on one from Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book – Souvenir Edition.  Making the pie was a bit time-consuming but I liked the way everything seemed to come together.         



I used a store-bought freezer crust.  Typically, I would make my own but I had one on hand and decided since I was attempting a new, and time-consuming recipe, I’d cheat a little.            

Baked Pie Crust


 I used a fresh lemon for zest and juice.       

Lemon Zest


Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice


Cooked Pie Filling


Peaked Meringue


The meringue was a lot easier to make than I had anticipated.  Turned out great – wouldn’t hesitate to make it again.         

And, here is the finished product… Not bad for a newbie!          It was a hit!        

The Finished Pie

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