My first cookbook came from


Grandma S


My sister and I recently received some cookbooks that belonged to my grandmother. As I was going through the books and her recipe cards, memories flooded my mind and impelled me to take a closer look at my first cookbook. 


From what I can tell, my first cookbook was a gift from, none other than, my grandmother. She gave it to me when I was fourteen, she passed away when I was eighteen. Fortunately for me, she inscribed the date in the book she gave me giving me a way to verify my claim. The book was The Joy of Cooking Vol. 2., specializing in appetizers, desserts & baked goods. The Joy of Cooking has some pretty extravagant recipes in it, and it reminds me of the eloquent side of my grandmother.  


What amazes me is how on target she was when she gave me my first cookbook. I love baking and desserts, and I love to make appetizers. I relate both to of the art of entertaining, something she also seemed very interested in.   

I believe appetizers should get your attention. They‘re an introduction to the good things yet to come. Desserts on the other hand should offer a grand finale, a big bang ending, leaving you with a lasting impression you’re not soon to forget, just like the memories I have of my grandmother.   



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